The Baby's Ball

This week I have had my niece Maizey with me to stay! She is such a good baby and she is easily entertained.    She has enjoyed tearing mums TV magazine to shreds and rolling around on the floor. I thought it would be nice to use all my scrap fabrics to make her a ball. This hand stitched ball took around 4 hours to make, (though I didn't have the patience to do it all at one time). The way I made this is similar to the way I made the note book folder. With hexagons and pentagons you can't machine stitch, so this involves cutting out cardboard shapes tacking, stitching then removing the papers. In side the ball I put a bell (I found it hard to just get hold of a single bell so yes its a cat toy bell, does the trick) this makes it a little more fun than just a soft fluff filled ball. This ball is suitable for new born babies and can be thrown indoors and out so no damages to worry about =] I recommend. Maizey loves it!!! 

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