All work and no play, says who?

Your office may be your least favourite part of your home. You are bound to spend plenty of your time there working hard, but why not create a space that you want to be in? You can do this on a budget just by changing a few things. Bring some fun back into the not-so-fun chores of life.

If you’re like me you will have endless amounts of ‘To Do’ lists on a weekly basis. If you are also like me you will find it easy to hide from them. So what better than to write it on the wall where you can’t hide from it! This fun office option is cheap and easy to do.

Wickes Blackboard Paint £9.99

Use masking tape to create small a square blackboard, or use cardboard to create your own interesting stensils. Experiment with different colour chalks to add a bit of colour to your space. Combined with a few new accessories you will be well on your way to creating a far from boring office!

* * * *

Lighting is essential; if you are spending a lot of time in your office you need the right amount of lighting. The amount of light your eyes receive will affect your energy levels. Of course natural lighting is the very best, but working those long hours into the night, you are going to need a good bright lamp.

This photography style lamp is ideal, the wide shade allows plenty of light to cover the whole room, and it is currently on sale at Habitat 

Photography Black Lamp was £20 NOW £14.00

There are plenty of styles to choose from on the market, I recommend paying out for a decent one that will last you a life time.

* * * *

Storage is vital, you don’t want to lose your important documents, or lack a pen just as that important phone call comes through. Don’t just stick to the boring files, mix it up and make it interesting.

These vintage style books are like secret drawers, a new and interesting way to store you important things. Available from www.clemmente.co.uk they are also on sale!

was £37.00 NOW £29.60 SAVING £7.40

* * * *

Never miss a deadline with this vibrant photograph clock, which will remind you of your loved ones in times of stress. Works perfectly with the photography style lamp and hung on a plain black wall. Available online at www.tch.net

                                                               Photography Clock £40

Here are a few more layout ideas, designed to give you inspiration. Enjoy




Summer's on SALE

The weather outside is disappointing to say the least, with the dark clouds looming the least you can do is bring summer into your home with the help of a splash of colour and beautiful floral patterns.
Let your personality out and express yourself with your favourite shades, be it with a cushion cover or a new sofa the choices are endless.

You can always rely on Cath Kidston for gorgeous floral prints, and you can purchase these beauties with Free UK delivery on all orders of £50 or more.

24 piece cutlery set

Colourful 24 Piece Cutlery set  Was £60.00 NOW £40.00
Add vibrancy to meal times and ditch the boring old silver that you’ve had for years, these are much more fun and on sale!

* * * *

Don’t stop at the cutlery; enjoy your cuppa in style! This mug is a bargain and comes in a cute little tin which can be used to hide your cheeky choccy biscuits. Covered in Chelsea Roses.
 Chelsea Roses Mug with Tin Was £10 NOW £8

* * * *

ZARA HOME is also celebrating the floral theme with a sale of up to 50% off some items and also Free shipping on orders £50 and over.


This Faded Flower Cushion shouts summer from every corner. So many colours, I am certain it would look perfect center stage of your sofa.
Faded Flower Cushion Was £19.99 NOW £12.99

* * * *

The wet weather may mean that you have had to put that favourite summer dress on hold, but until that long awaited sunny day arrives, lets hang the cardigans in style with these faded print hangers in a set of 2.

Faded Print Hangers Was £9.99 NOW £6.99

Whatever the weather throws at us, at least it will be sunny on the inside.




The Coaster

This is so simple anyone could do it! and they are so useful! This is just a couple of different pieces of fabric and a medium piece of wadding. I have made a few of these using different types of fabrics for different effects. I have made one using red fabrics to match the Log Cabin cushion. They can be used to protect surfaces. I have placed one in the bottom of my camera case for added protection as I am rather accident prone when  it comes to dropping things. My mum has got a few scattered around the house where she is likely to place down her coffee cup. These make nice presents make a set of six and pile them up tied up with a pretty ribbon and a gift tag.

The Baby's Ball

This week I have had my niece Maizey with me to stay! She is such a good baby and she is easily entertained.    She has enjoyed tearing mums TV magazine to shreds and rolling around on the floor. I thought it would be nice to use all my scrap fabrics to make her a ball. This hand stitched ball took around 4 hours to make, (though I didn't have the patience to do it all at one time). The way I made this is similar to the way I made the note book folder. With hexagons and pentagons you can't machine stitch, so this involves cutting out cardboard shapes tacking, stitching then removing the papers. In side the ball I put a bell (I found it hard to just get hold of a single bell so yes its a cat toy bell, does the trick) this makes it a little more fun than just a soft fluff filled ball. This ball is suitable for new born babies and can be thrown indoors and out so no damages to worry about =] I recommend. Maizey loves it!!! 


Note Book Folder

This is my note book folder and it took forever to make, well it took 3 days. But I love it and it is very useful.Using the fabric from my log cabin cushion so once again I am recycling. I also created the note book my self by covering it in a wrapping paper or my choice which I picked up in paper chase reduced down to 30p! I do love a bargain. All the hexagons were completely hand stitched. This is my favourite item so far I have to say!

The Log Cabin Cushion

So this is the Log Cabin Cushion. This is a very traditional patchwork, which takes its name from the log cabins built by the early American pioneers. The central panel was traditionally red, representing the hearth, with the surrounding strips longer than the preceding one, forming logs around it. This was quite easy and took around three hours. I love the patterned fabric I chose for this think it works very nicely together.

The camera case

So this is the camera case. I decided this would be a useful thing to make myself as camera cases are so expensive and I am not willing to fork out for a case that's dull and boring when I can make my own lovely one just the way I like it. I used some of the fabric from what I had used to make my quilt so I am also recycling which is always good. It closes with a simple piece of hook and loop tape. No need to make a strap because my camera came with one =] win win situation all round I think. Very happy.